XYDEXX - Everyone's favorite silly squeaky inflatable lavender unicorn.

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About Xydexx

Welcome, curious internet traveler! Karl Xydexx Jorgensen is an eccentric weirdo who likes to ride around on a recumbent bike. He sometimes likes to roleplay a silly squeaky inflatable lavender unicorn (Xydexx Squeakypony) on the internet. Some people say Xydexx sold his sense of humor for some magic beans in 2001 and now takes everything seriously, but the funny thing is the only people who take things more seriously than Xydexx are people who think Xydexx takes everything seriously.

How seriously do you think someone who pretends to be an inflatable unicorn online is, seriously? He's LAVENDER!

When he isn't riding his recumbent bike around, Xydexx likes to explore old creepy abandoned buildings and go hiking to crumbling abandoned mansions and iron ore mines out in the woods. Xydexx is always seeking out cute and weird things, and thinks life was meant to be awesome. You can find out more about Xydexx on his LiveJournal.